Monday, August 8, 2016

Marvel Select Tries To Do Kotobukiya

Diamond Select Toys recently kicked off a new line of PVC statues, called the Marvel Gallery Figures. The Initial assortment of the 9 inch scale figures consists of: current Thor, Jane Foster, Spider-Gwen and the reason we’re gathered here today, Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel.

She's not that bad but is missing something cute that Kotobukiya has. At $45 dollars she is priced right for this kind of PVC figure without articulation. I want to see the Spider-Girl before I think about committing to these. I vacillated a lot over buying that first Wonder Woman Kotobukiya but once I made the leap, I was into that entire line. I can see this line charming me and this is a good first figure. I like the packaging very much and Marvel has a ton of great female figures in their Universe that they can exploit.

Do I see a nipple?

These are two others in the same line.

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