Monday, August 1, 2016

Preacher - Briliant End To Season One

Damn Preacher - to start with a shots of buttlick Texs to the background soundtrack of Willie Nelson. That is just the way you start me a program. Then Hank Williams, Johnny Cash ect. Damn, bitches. Stop it. I love me a powerful soundtrack that understands the importance of good music to good storytelling. This show may need a soundtrack release.

Yes, for all your purists, Season One didn't slavishly follow the comics by almost telling the story BEFORE the comic book begins. In the comic, the Genesis enters Jessie in issue one and that kills his whole congregation. That doesn't happen here and that is okay. It's better that we get all this great, rich background before the REAL search for God begins. Fantastic adaptation that could not have been done UNTIL 2016. The world was not ready for this comic book when it first came out and it took this look to get it made just right. Season one will be a fun binge on ten episodes that you will dig, a lot. Especially when GOD shows up. Yes, THAT God.
Now where is my Harley J. Earle figure? Hell of an Emmy worthy performance from a punk child star who became one of the great character actors of the day.
I also gots me a deep love for Miss Tulip. Yes, once again a black woman replaced the white woman from the comics but it made not one lick of difference to the story. In fact it made it better in many ways due to the great performance of Ruth Negga.
Thank you Preacher for never pulling back just to save my feelings or my sensibilities. If I have to burn in Hell one day I know this one will be on TV all the time down there and I can live with that.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

The show makes you never want to visit Texas, that's for sure, LOL. Thanks for posting the Funko Pop figures -- very cool. We love Tulip too.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Texas has always been a shithole.