Friday, August 5, 2016

Stranger Things - Episode 5

First of all, what kind of secret government agency is this operation anyways? I can't stop thinking about the cotton stuffing. How stupid is that for an organization that can make a fake kid from the outside but doesn't even try to replicate blood or organs or something like that. I mean stuff the kid with a link of sausage in case someone comes along and cuts into this dead kid. Seems like a lot of work to make people believe something that isn't true but a half effort at best. I mean if I was the guy in the government lab putting this together and my supervisor told me to just stuff the body with cotton, I would be pissed. Even shady government types should take pride in their work.

Oh my dear 11. Why do I fear you will not live to have the happy ending I want for you. You are badass and sweet all at the same time. Innocent but not. She has seen and done more in her short life than she should ever have had to. But that is what it's like for scientific experiments which is essentially all she is. Can she find her humanity through contact with these kids and was that Mathew Modine's plan all along? I mean he LET her escape, right? He is not really chasing after her now is he? She is such a valuable asset. He has her on a short leash for now. She is his wild card. He knows if she can learn about love and sacrifice that she might just save us all. Am I expecting too much from this maybe not so evil white haired bastard?? Damn you Modine for making me question that. You are not that good an actor.

Okay, now Sheriff Hopper got himself in the jackpot. No way he gets out of a top secret complex with anything resembling answers and maybe not even his life. Bad smells and bad noises means GET THE FUCK OUT. DON'T TOUCH THE GOOP. IF YOU DO THAT THE GOOP WILL GETCHA!!! They could have killed Hopper but they didn't? Why is he still alive with all he knows? I hope there is a good reason for that.

If we are going back to the eighties I need to mention another movie of the time - LUCAS. The girl in this one reminds me so much of Kerri Green who we all had a crush on. Coincidentally it was an early Winona Ryder movie. More conspiracy connection. If one of the two Coreys show up in this series my head just might explode.

Natalia Dyer looks just like Kerri Green.
That is also deliberate I think.
Everyone loved her in Lucas.

I like how these kids are not stupid. How they figured out how to find the 'gate' with their compasses is very cool. And I like the sympathetic science teacher who always has the time for these 'non athletic types.'
Again with the GOOP. What did I tell everyone about touching the goop or even going near the goop? You ESPECIALLY don't crawl through it. That is just inviting bad things to happen.

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