Saturday, August 6, 2016

Stranger Things - Episode 6

Stupid Nancy just had to crawl through the GOOP to the other side. She deserves to be another snack like that Bunny. Now she will have to find Will on the Otherside. Unless of course the monster gets her first. Or the GOOP does. That can't be healthy to breath in. You would think a monster who lives in the dark would have a better sense of smell so it could find it's prey.

I do did the opening neon colors and theme music. Very 1985 with nods to John Carpenter of Big Trouble In Little China mode. The titles are like every Stephen King book put out at that time. The font is even the same kind of block neon.

Oh that government bitch. I hate her for using that teacher's enthusiasm to rat out our boys. He don't mean to be oblivious. He just don't know there is evil doings in his small town.

It was amazing in the way that we found out the origins of 11. Her maternal aunt knows the truth but plays it off as the rantings of a grieving mother. She even references Steven King directly. It's those little Easter eggs that I know I will be researching once this season is over.

"What are you kids doing with all this stuff?"
"Monster hunting."
"Oh, Okay."

11 continues to be the hero and the scene with the bullies was very cool to see as was her communion with the creature the rift somehow released. Here we get to see how truly powerful she is. She thinks she opened the gate but it was already opened before they sent her into it. That much is obvious. One thing though, she is getting stronger and it's all because of those Eggo Waffles which I hope have a resurgence in sales. They are the go to waffle in my house. Quicker than toast and with syrup it's the kind of sugar rush a growing kid needed in the morning. Slightly less desirable that the Pop Tart which is the all time best breakfast food for a kid on the run.
Two more episodes to go and I am jazzed. This one is a lot of fun now that it's gotten going and we get what is going on here. I am attached to all these great characters and I know the ending will be both happy and sad. The good will triumph and evil will have it's righteous punishment.

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