Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Stranger Things - Episode 8

Well here we go with the final episode of this mini. I have grown into a bigger fan of this show as it continued and I was happy to have the freedom to binge on it as I wished. I enjoyed the story and all the actors involved. Everyone gave their best to tell a fantastic Steven King story. Yes, I knew that all along because I lived through the eighties and this is a love story to those times and the movies we all loved back then.

I enjoyed the growing relationship between Mike and Eleven and especially felt satisfying to watch her take out most or all of the government agents that were tracking her. Of course that kind of danger will never end for her. The idea that Mike has of moving her into his place will never happen. I don't see her living to the end of this show.

I am full but nothing for admiration for Netflix for taking a chance on this show which was rejected by every other studio. Just goes to show you that Hollywood don't know shit about entertaining people. I am starting to think that any program that is successful is just nothing but pure luck. I know that final scene makes you all WISH for a second go around but this might not be the best way to go.

I usually judge these shows by my desire to see a Season Two. I don't know how they could do it but I think this one is best left alone as a stand alone feature. I hate to see them mess with a good thing by pushing it. Let's just be happy with the eight hours of great TV and move on to the next great story.


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DrGoat said...

After careful consideration, I agree with you. This should end right there. I can see any future seasons going way off in left field and basically ruining the show and then boredom sets in. I also have read the post properly.