Friday, August 5, 2016

Stranger Things - Episode Four

I first want to say that all the actors from the adult to the kids are uniformly excellent. It's the best thing Winona Ryder has done in forever. I love her belief in her son and I know from this genre that she will save her son in the end with the help of the kids.

I especially like David Harbour as the Sheriff who is not just some country hick who will let this go. He is starting to believe that SOMETHING is going on. He is smart and like a dog with a bone who won't let go. He has to know the truth. I like how they have several story threads going at the same time. It's very good storytelling and perfect for the Netflix platform.

Okay, watching the boys dress 11 in what they THINK  a girl should look like and dress like was hilarious. They didn't do half bad job. She did look good. Now I know she will die at the end because she can never be just a girl. She has a job in this story and her job is to sacrifice for her friends and destroy the evil that was created around her. Millie Bobby Brown (horrible name) is especially good as 11. She is very sympathetic and brave and smart. I really want a happy ending for her and since this entire show is drippings with 80s story beats, I have every reason to hope that there will be a good ending for 11 because now I am attached to her.

The further I go into this thing the more I like it. They have a style that they never waver from while telling the kind of monster movies that we DID get in the 80s. I like that, like Poltergeist, this has becoming a search for Will now that more people are starting to believe. They have seen and heard too much to ever stop now. I am digging it. The soundtrack is so great at building these moments of hope within all the bad things that are going on in this little town.

I like how the older kids have their own parallel storyline. I am waiting for them to team up with the younger kids in a kind of Goonies mashup.
Then there came the STUFFING!!!

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