Thursday, August 4, 2016

Stranger Things - Episode One And Two (Of Eight)

Here we go again. Binging on another show that is all the rage. I was unsure about this one. I don't know if I wanted to be bathed in all that 80s nostalgia. I love those times and remember them in my own special way. I have read some about how this series plays to those 80s tropes that we all know and love. The show reeks of influence from Steven Spielberg, Steven King, John Hughes and everything cool before the arrival of the Internet.

The Dungeon and Dragons scene that started the show was more bait to trap me. This film immediately reminds me of Stand By Me that becomes a mystery when one of the four lifelong friends goes missing in a small town that is all but devoid of crime.

The music reminded me of John Carpenter and the synth music he used in many of his films. Good stuff. Really builds the atmosphere and atmosphere is what charges this one forward. I have to admit that two episodes in I am pretty hooked on the story. I have to see where this one goes.

Old style rotary phone on the wall. NOW I am back where I belong. I do like the soundtrack as well. It's terrible when I know all the words to every song of the era or maybe it's not.

Who is the mysterious girl? And what powers does 11 have? It's pretty clear that there is some government program at work that is doing bad things to little kids. Just like in a Steven King book.

Obviously the missing kid is trying to reach out to his Mother from wherever the evil scientists are keeping him so that means that he is alive, somewhere. Unless he's as dead as another kid that goes missing but I highly doubt it. I saw my fill of these kind of movies in the 80s. When do the Goonies and the Monster Squad show up?


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DrGoat said...

I just watched the last episode last night. They really loaded it up with many previous movie bits. I guess they call it an homage. Occasionally I call it something else. I will wait to see what you think.