Tuesday, August 2, 2016

This Hurts To See

I will watch and judge on my own. This one is almost critic proof for me. You know my rule for a high concept. I NEED a full retard execution to call the film a success. This concept is very high and I am surprised it ever got made in the first place. I just hope this isn't another example of DC Comics not knowing how to do movies with their live action characters. Animation they got down to a fine science but not live action. I think they need to start small like Marvel did with a little unknown character called BLADE. We all forget that if that one had failed, we may not have the great Captain America Civil War movie we got this year. I hope Wonder Woman will be the film that breaks this jinx for DC. They are getting their ass kicked by Marvel. Maybe put out the call for someone to cross over and help them out.

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