Saturday, August 13, 2016

Zoo - Season Two - Episode Five

Oh the goofiness continues. I saved up this show for a month because I forgot why I liked it so much. Dumb choices from both sides and dumb choices by all characters with little or few permanent consequences. I usually hate this stuff (see UNDER THE DOME) but here I enjoy every over the top moment.

But, but, you can't kill off a major character like that. That is not right. I hate losing such an important member of the team. What show does this think it is, The Walking Dead?

Jaime is still walking around the wild without a big toe and without gangrene setting in. The animals should have gotten her a long time ago. She reeks of blood and that would only make her a tastier target. But now she in in a town that has got some weird stuff going on. Sound like a certain other town under the DOME?? doesn't it? I can't believe that they didn't extend the 'crazy town' sub plot over more than just one episode. It could have been milked for drama but it was one and done!

I wish the army was more able to track down this group of pains in the ass but apparently they don't teach those skills to the military. Gah! However the owner of the plane can hijack the teams flying base at will. Nothing in the military, no satellite, no other intel collecting device can find a HUGE plane that eventually has to land SOMEWHERE.
And then there comes the SNAKE!! Holy crap that scene got to me. I am not a fan of the snakes especially when the end up on a plane after being inside a guy. How would a snake grow that big in a guy that seemed fine the day before but all of a sudden has a freakin rattler in his belly?? It doesn't make any sense nor should it. Mitch is brilliant. He can solve any mystery with just a sample. I mean ANYTHING. But guess what, he makes up for that with poor interpersonal skills.
I hope they can save the kitties in the end. If it was me I would introduce a cat character like they did last year with the baby leopard. Cat's are big these days but you rarely see one as a major character on a TV show.
That crazy lady got what she deserved.

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