Monday, February 6, 2017

24 Legacy Returns

I love this show. So many bad guys and one very good guy caught up in something he doesn't understand but has to use all his skills to survive THE WORST twenty four hours of his life. I am so looking forward to this return. It's great to live in a time when new shows start all year round and not just in September and October. I needed something fresh to go with THE EXPANSE.

I also love everything that Jimmy Smitts does and he for SURE will turn out to be the bad guy because he appears to be the good guy. Miranda Otto (Lord of the Rings) is very good as his wife and former director of CTU. Her team of Rangers killed a very bad terrorist and she was just rewarded a medal for it. Of course she is brought back into the fold when her team of Rangers all turn up dead. That is all except one - our hero, who is on the hut for a steel box that contains information that the terrorists want very badly and are willing to kill for.

I love the format of this program that covers the 24 hour adventure in real time. I would love to just save up all episodes and watch them in a single day but I can't wait that long. Once a week is too long to watch for the next episode but I will do it. I half hope for a Jack Bauer cameo but that might be too much to hope for. But I liked the first episode and especially the way that Carter took out the three terrorists and the construction site. Nice that we get a fresh episode tonight. Are you watching. I personally hate so many episodes in one season but you can't fix that unless you change the title of the show to 12 and that would be stupid. Luckily the show doesn't really pad the show with a lot of filler. It much be crazy difficult to write just keeping everything in order.


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