Thursday, February 16, 2017

Coming Soon For The Wonder Woman Collector In Us All

You cannot find a more important woman in comics than Wonder Woman. She’s the first to get her own solo movie (that actually counts, Catwoman), and with that, comes all the benefits of merchandising tie-ins. Not that it’s been a challenge to find Wonder Woman collectibles before this film, but now we’re getting a whole new wave of figures and accessories more directly tied to her anticipated silver screen success.

Mattel‘s already been on board the Wonder Woman train for a long time — as it has been with all of DC’s characters and properties — but the company never invested in a full line based solely on the Amazon princess before. Ahead of the feature film, Mattel is going full Frozen with Wonder Woman, giving its star an action doll line all her own, and one that shows a terrific evolution of the DC Super Hero Girls line.

The sneak peek at the line comes from Entertainment Weekly, which debuted the first eight dolls and a handful of roleplay accessories coming this year. Previously, Wonder Woman had been given a Barbie doll or two, but these new figures are more budget friendly (they start at $15) than those previous deluxe figures, and come with a lot more articulation. The DC Super Hero Girls line has been a great testament to what Mattel can do to bring dolls into the modern era, and the Wonder Woman action dolls coming out have a lot of commonalities with those existing toys.

I like that we’re getting to see Wonder Woman in both her more traditional Amazon garb, her hero costume and some more movie-centric fashions as well. Even Queen Hippolyta is getting in on the action in one of the character and horse sets. She looks great too, and there’s a lot of detailing in that armor costuming. The only doll that doesn’t quite live up to the rest of the figures is Steve Trevor. Perhaps it’s because he has the most soft goods, and he just looks a little goofy. That turtleneck isn’t doing him any favors.

The action roleplay gear looks solid, if a little predictable. That doesn’t meant it won’t be worthwhile however. There are a lot of children who don’t have these kinds of toys already, and getting Wonder Woman’s tiara, sword and bow to help them live out their heroic fantasies can’t be a bad thing. It’s just that there are a lot of Wonder Woman roleplay accessories already that I’m not so sure these are that much better or special. That said, I’m surprised there are no bracers, but perhaps those are still being kept secret for now.

We’ll have more on Mattel’s plans for Wonder Woman this weekend when they show off all the upcoming collectibles at Toy Fair 2017.

I really love the horse and rider figures. Those are going to be the first ones that I hunt for. This will be another great  year for Wonder Woman fans like myself.

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j-swin said...

They look nice but too close to Barbie for my taste. I get they're aiming at young girls but let's tough them up a bit and leave the hair brushing out for a change.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Oh stop. Rotted hair is so much better than plastic hair and you know that.