Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I Loves Me Some Ferdinand

Tons of new animated movies ahead of us, with the latest big screen adaptation of beloved FERDINAND ready to bring us the peaceful bull to cinemas as soon as this December. Coming from the ICE AGE and RIO team, with the voices from Donald Sutherland and Adam DeVine, it will follow the little bull which prefers sitting quietly under a tree just smelling the flowers instead of butting heads with other bulls. As Ferdinand grows big and strong, his temperament remains mellow, but one day five men come to choose the "biggest, fastest, roughest bull" for the bullfights in Madrid and Ferdinand is mistakenly chosen. The movie will feature hits from Adam Lambert, Shakira, Rihanna.



 As a kid this was one of my favorite Disney cartoons. I loved the story of this gentle bull who just wants to sniff flowers and laze under his favorite tree. Such a great message about being who you want to be despite pressure from everyone around you to be someone else. Plus I think all that flower sniffing turned Ferdinand into a stoner. This was made in 1938. Think about that for a second and enjoy the beautiful animation and style of this one. I can't get enough of Disney when he does it right.

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