Saturday, February 11, 2017

Oh Tomi. I Just Can't Quit You, You Hateful Piece of Alabama Ditch Trash

Some guy just posted a video that is critical of my fiance Tomi (the ancient Greek spelling) Lahren and the PRO Tomi page on Facebook won't let it be shared. Too bad. She has been deliciously unhinged lately. More so than usual. Someone had to point that out to her and I love her so it had to be me. It's a weird Moon this week so that is maybe what is making her so cranky. I suspect without my sweet lovin that the woman would be all but uncontrollable and likely turn into some kind of wolf-like creature with blonde hair by Midnight tonight. She will now only be able to be taken down by silver bullets or some kind of ancient mystical talisman until the curse passes by Monday. I swear she is the most high maintenance Aryan women I have ever met.
But she did like that I proposed to her at a HOOTERS. She aspires to own a franchise one day because since college she's liked that kind of busty and curvy girl. I am not jealous. We share many of the same internet links and I like that she can get all freaky when she is not so angry at the MOOSE LAMBS - who she says she will NEVER hire to work in HER Hooters because she want to only promote and exploit AMERICAN  breasts and Hillbilly girls who are not pretty enough to strip.

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