Monday, February 20, 2017

Red Son Superman Figure By Mezco

“I offered them Utopia, but they fought for the right to live in Hell.”
Mezco Toyz has a new addition to it’s One: 12 Collective line of action figures:  Superman from “Superman:  Red Son.”

Based on Mark Millar’s classic 2003 three issue DC Comics Elseworlds tale (with pencils provided by Dave Johnson and Kilian Plunkett), “Superman:  Red Son” finds baby Kal-El’s rocketship crash landing in the Soviet Union instead of Smallville.  And, as per usual for Elseworlds tales, history takes a left turn for everyone involved.

Mezco’s new six inch figure is based on Superman’s look from the mini-series, with the “Man of the People” donning a dark grey costume, black leather gloves and boots, high collared crimson red cape, and trademark Superman shield with the Soviet Union’s sickle and hammer in lieu of the classic “S.”

Fantastic story that needs it's own animated feature. The Batman is a total maniac and the hero is actually Lex Luthor who planned his victory for DECADES. Fantastic ending and something I try to get anyone to read. The premise is high concept but Mark Millar totally pulls it off. One of the greatest Superman stories ever told.

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