Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Guide To Moon Signs

Moon rules emotional reactions
If your moon sign is:

Aries: affectionate, wants instant gratification, dislikes authority; emotionally headstrong and self-absorbed

Taurus: faithful, possessive, maternal instinct; wants security and dislikes changes

Gemini: fickle, flexible, moody, and intuitive; rationalizes feelings, represses emotional needs; dislikes routine so they do many things at once.

Cancer: caring, moody, possessive, vulnerable, strongly maternal/paternal; deep need for security and has trouble letting go

Leo: confident, dominant, playful, and self-indulgent; they need to feel special and hates when they’re put down

Virgo: self-critical, lacks confidence, analyses feelings; needs to be valued

Libra: peaceable, courteous, diplomatic, but emotionally dishonest; dislikes confrontation; people pleaser; needs partner

Scorpio: intense, compulsive, secretive, jealous; fears rejection/abandonment

Sagittarius: restless, outspoken, independent, and uncommitted; warm-hearted, adventurous, needs freedom; dislikes emotional neediness

Capricorn: controlled emotionally, self-reliant, dependable, dutiful, authoritarian, but insecure; needs to control environment and family

Aquarius: emotionally unpredictable, isolated, independent, uncommitted; they prefer friendships over intimacy

Pisces: sensitive, compassionate, empathetic, imaginative, unreliable, gullible, and has escapist tendencies

Mine is very true for me but that is how they fool ya.

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