Friday, March 10, 2017

Who Would Be Your Next Choice To Play Wolverine?

We all know the legend. Dougray Scott (who?) was the original actor cast to play Wolverine in the first live action film but because shooting went long on Mission Impossible II he was replaced by Hugh Jackman and the rest is history. Jackman performance in 2000s X-Men garnered him near universal praise right from the beginning. And that is something you never see in the popular culture. This is especially true with a character like Wolverine who was arguably the most important character Marvel created in the past 40 years. He has become iconic. A man who to some is a savage killer but at his core Logan is a selfless samurai fighting for honor and for what is right. He's a character to be admired the more you get to know him and Jackman understood that truth from the beginning. He nailed the character right from the start. In the past 16 years he has giving his all both physically and emotionally to gift us the Wolverine we loved from the comics. I knew he would be great from the moment he had this exchange with Rogue in the first X-Men movie in 2000.

Rogue - "Do they hurt (your claws) when they come out?"

Logan - "Every time."

Do any of these actors appeal to you or do we need an unknown to fill Jackman's big shoes because we can't go forward without a Wolverine as much as I would have trouble warming up to someone new. It really will be a thankless role because I can't think of anyone who could possibly make me forget about Hugh Jackman with the claws. I have avoided any stories or mentions of LOGAN online and been rewatching all the old Wolverine stuff to get myself ready to see the last performance by Hugh. I know it will be special because I was always proud to be a fan.
1- Tom Hardy
2- Liam Hemsworth
3- Kit Harington
4- Penn Badgley
5- Taylor Kitsch
6- Ryan Kwanten
7- Jared Padalecki
8- Aidan Turner
9- Alex O’Loughlin
10- William Levy
11- Joe Manganiello
12- Scott Eastwood
13- Daniel Radcliffe (Wait, what? Really? Just not sure about this one!)



Debra She Who Seeks said...

That video makes a plausible case for each candidate. Whoever they pick, though, has big claws to fill after Jackman.

DrGoat said...

OK, Tom Hardy, possibly. Liam Hemsworth, a big no. He's already Thor.
Kit, Penn (I had to look them up image wise), no. That Penn guy is too soft looking. Joe, maybe. Would have to look up the rest. I was thinking Guy Pierce maybe. Don't know, this is a tough one. Need more time to look up actors. I know their faces but not their names.

j-swin said...

None of the above, they should retire the character.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

After seeing Logan I am quite happy with X-23 taking over the claws. And that is the best legacy they could have as we watch her grow into the role before our eyes.

nolan said...

tbh, i wish they would lay this franchise to rest on a high note.
But I understand Hollywood is a business and they have to mine their ips until they're pinched out, so to speak...