Thursday, July 6, 2017

Chelsea Handler And Tomi Lahren Will Face Off In A Live Debate

Conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren and liberal late-night host Chelsea Handler will go toe-to-toe in a live, debate-style conversation in late July. The event, which will go down at Politicon in Pasadena, California, is sure to generate some viral moments between the two women who never hesitate to express their political opinions. Lahren, of course, expressed her newly pro-choice stance and got herself fired from The Blaze as a result (although she found a new gig at a pro-Trump super PAC). And Handler is always in the mood to troll President Trump in sometimes nudity-filled ways.
CNN’s Jake Tapper will also participate in a conversation-debate with Handler during that July 29-30 weekend, but the meeting between Handler and Lahren will be the one to watch. So, this shall be one fine mess, and The Wrap says that Handler will be the one leading the conversation.

Chelsea is going to have Tomi for lunch. I hope she brings in the stripper pole so that Chelsea can show Tomi how to work it because that is what will be her career six months from now. I already have her booked at the Itchy Kitty. Chelsea doesn't take shit from the stupid and uninformed. I hope she calls Tomi a snowflake because next to Trump she is the most butt hurt crybaby I have ever seen.


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