Sunday, July 16, 2017

Everyone Can Just Calm Down

I was the biggest hater of Doctor Who as a kid. It came on PBS before Star Trek on Sunday night and I always fell asleep waiting for it to finish and I usually missed most of the Trek episode because of it. It took until 2005 and Rose Tyler and a hot day that forced me into the basement. The TV down there only had CBC so I watched that first episode of the return of the Doctor and I was hooked. This past year I abandoned the show but I will watch again to see what is going on and to piss off all the haters out there.


cerebus660 said...

Funnily enough, it was always Star Trek that put ME to sleep :-)
Cal, you really should give Capaldi's last season a chance, if only as a lead-in to the regeneration episode at Christmas. I think it was his best season yet. As for Jodie Wittaker's 13th Doctor - I can't calm down... I'm too excited! I think she'll be amazing!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

People get so worked up over their stupid prejudices. Just ridiculous.

DrGoat said...

Never really got into Dr. Who so I guess I can watch from the sidelines. Just couldn't quite get into it with all the other shows like Star Trek, The Man from UNCLE, and, silly as it was, Lost in Space, etc.