Sunday, July 9, 2017


300 issues of anything is a remarkable achievement and shows a focus that I can respect and admire. Everyone has a blogging style and I find I look forward to each week' 'issue' as it is released. There is just so much interesting content Of course seeing many of my cosplay collections and posts on the Glorious Girls of the Redheaded Rebellion makes the final cut week after week is very validating. Alan shares my love for both those subjects and I am happy to represent for them with the best stuff I can find.

But like every great blogger worth their salt understands that you have to have vision for your blog that keeps you going through the times when you think you will never post again. And at the same time, over time, you will see your vision reflected back at you and you will feel good that you never gave in the wishes and fickle whims of some idiot mass audience who don't know their ass from a hole in the ground most days. Few have any kind of focus or vision. I feel blessed that I get to do something about my need to talk about my feelings about what I see or hear lest I go mad. I don't know art but I know what I hate and I hate when people don't even try and that will never be an accusation that I toss at Allen because his blog has vision.


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Thanks Dude - Blogging keeps me off the streets and out of the bars...


The enterprising exhibitionist Tyra Banks hosts this incredible meta blog post. Along with a colorful assortment of science and other stuff

BTW - the keyword this week is Russia. An experiment; Lets see if I can make the blogger hit counter go bonkers