Saturday, July 8, 2017

I Love You LIVE PD

How did I ever survive two weeks without you LIVE PD? Who ever thought someone would come along at make COPS even better? But A&E  had done it by taking their cameras and following 6 departments staffed with some of the most amazing professionals I have ever seen doing a hard job made even harder in today's 'hate the cops' climate.

Many powerful people benefit from making cops out to be the bad guys. Many people have gotten power playing on the fear people have that they can't trust the police. These very same people would also like you to hate the media at the same time but this post is about the cops. Yes there are bad apples. Yes there powers have to be closely checked and watched. Who watches the Watchmen? Right? Reward the good ones and make it easier for the cops themselves to root out the bad ones. But like the bee we NEED good cops and LIVE PD shows them at their best even when the people they are dealing with are straight up batshit crazy like most of the civilization. It's not easy to keep your gun in it's holster and try to reason with someone not prepared to be reasoned WITH.

That is why I love the tazer. It's non lethal 99 percent of the time. It's an ATTITUDE ADJUSTER that no one who has been tazed ever forgets. I wonder who the lunatic was who invented the first one but I don't want to know lest I become obsessed with that person. Did he experiment with animals or did he just start with people as test subject?

I say a guy on COPS once. He was 400 pounds and over six feet tall. He was a big bull of a young man and he was ready to tear down with three cops almost his size. Then those words TASER TASER TASER were uttered and this angry hillbilly shit kicker turned into Ferdinand the Bull so fast that it was shocking. He calmed right the fuck down and was joking with the cops about how that taser felt and he was NOT going to risk that just to get more charges. He calmly got into the police van and even asked if he could get a dip of tobacco while he was waiting. Nice and simple. Now you SHOOT that same man and it's paperwork for days and those judging looks from your superiors and all the b.s. around killing a person. I don't know if I would want to go lethal if I was a cop when there is something like the taser in my standard gear. But I have YET to see a good tasering on LIVE PD (Blessed by the boys in blue and their brave camera men and segment producers who follow them) But I love the show anyways. I love everything about it. I love that it's THREE FREAKING HOURS LONG and they do that twice a week. It's must see Friday and Saturday night television if you gots a television. It relaxes me. Episode 49 minus the commercials is why television was invented.

I love the whole team. Dan Abrams, Tom Morris Jr. and Officer Kevin Lawrence (seen here) have so much experience and stories that they can have fun with all the weird things that Officers see on the course of their jobs every day.

I even like 'Sticks' Larkin but he loves himself too much because he knows he's an attractive man with charisma and a face made to be on TV. Just look at him. He knows he is dreamy.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I didn't ever think ANYTHING could displace your love for the COPS show. Well, never say never, I guess.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

But this IS Cops. It's the natural evolution of the concept only longer and better yet, LIVE.