Thursday, July 6, 2017

Joan Lee, Wife of Marvel Comics Legend Stan Lee, Dies at 93

The pair, who met when the Marvel boss was supposed to take her friend on a date, were married for 69 years.
Joan Lee, the wife of Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee, died Thursday in Los Angeles. She was 93.

"I can confirm the sad news that Joan Lee passed away this morning quietly and surrounded by her family," a spokesperson for Stan Lee and his family said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. "The family ask that you please give them time to grieve and respect their privacy during this difficult time."

Joan Lee suffered a stroke earlier in the week and was hospitalized, according to sources.

The former British hat model and Lee were married on Dec. 5, 1947, and were by all accounts hopelessly devoted to each other. They had two children: J.C. (Joan Celia), who was born in 1950, and Jan, who died three days after her birth in 1953.

I hate to say this because I don't want it to be true but more often than not when one spouse died after being married for a long time, the other spouse doesn't last that much longer. The day is coming everyone and we need to be prepared for a time when Stan will no longer be with us. That will be a dark day indeed. Never have comics have a bigger booster who with his cadre of the some of the greatest artists of all time literally saved the comic book industry and created the characters that are killing it at the box office. Stan is one of my personal heroes who had as much to do with raising me and teaching me important life lessons about how to treat people who are different than you as my own parents did.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

well, at least she had a long and full life i think that counts for a lot. how ironic in regards to when they married my birthday is on Dec. 5th. well let's hope Stan can manage to stay with us a bit longer although i can't imagine what he must be feeling after having lost his wife. all that aside, i think this might raise your spirits a bit paste this into your web browser

Debra She Who Seeks said...

A sad day after such a long, successful and happy marriage.

DrGoat said...

True Debra, but how many of us will have that long a life with someone they love. Damn sure I'm not, but kudos to her for having that. And she got to be a hat model. How cool. How Stan will deal with this kind of loss is in the wind. My Dad passed away 6 months after my Mom died, in keeping with the scenario that you mentioned. Whatever Stan does, he's Stan Lee, and will do whatever the man does. We all got to grow up with his vision. We had it good. They had it good. The best time to grow up.
Noticed his daughter was born the same year as me. 1950 was a good year. Rest in peace Joan.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

The man had one HELL of a vision and I feel blessed that I was there to enjoy it all.

ROM makes everything better Shlomo. And the ONLY ROM for me is the one with Mitten hands. None of this five finger bullshit.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Don't know if you checked the link I left for you or not but I managed to figure out how to post the new classic Rom animated gif on the most recent posting on the blog.