Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Putin Has All The Best Toys

1970 TUPOLEV N007: Soviet Top Secret Cold War all-terrain speedster.

In 1961 the Russian military ordered the Tupolev Aircraft Company to design and build an amphibious craft small enough to be transported inside the Russian MK6 giant helicopter. It was to be used for the recovery of Russian cosmonauts downed in Siberia after completion of their space flights. The craft had to be capable of cross...
ing lakes, swampy tundra, and hostile terrain. The craft needed to be capable of operating at temperatures well below freezing at speeds of above 100km/h.

The exact number of these cosmonaut rescue crafts has always been kept a secret. "N007" is the only one known to exist in the country.
It's still a piece of junk. You KNOW that helicopter engine is too powerful for that human pilot container and at even medium speed it would fall apart on the water which is harder than concrete at the right speed. The fiberglass body would disolve under those conditions. The only reason the example of this Cold War Soviet junk even exists is that it never was put in the water.

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