Thursday, March 1, 2012

There Must Always Be A Cave Of Cool

These pictures look like the opening sequence to some Russian Doctor Strange movie.

In the Balkan Mountain range in Bulgaria lies a frozen monument to communism, the Buzludzha, this flying saucer-like secret supervillain lair stands 70 metre tall and took 7 years to construct by 6,000 workers. Photographer slash explorer Timothy Allen took a flyby before stepping foot inside the derelict dome, left to ruin in 1989 after the revolution. The interior is full of communist mosaic frescos rising above the snow-impacted hallways. Ownership currently lies with the Bulgarian Socialist Party, who still debate over what to do with it (besides concoct world-dominating plans from within), but it’s still accessible to anybody intrepid enough!


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G C said...

freaking awesome!

Nomad said...

Isn't that the building seen in Octopussy?