Friday, November 16, 2012

Favorite TV Characters - Sue Heck

The Middle is about 31st on the list of shows I watch each week, which means that I only get around to watching it occasionally. It’s a genial, good-natured, often amusing, and sweet sitcom, if you can get over the fact that Patricia Heaton is a terrible f***ing person in real life.

The highlight of the show, however, is eldest daughter Sue Heck -  a character that really embodies goodness and optimism, someone whose failures are always overmatched by her determination. She’s good people, that Sue Heck. She is so unlike any other girl character on network television. She is not overtly sexualized nor is she smarter than the rest of the adults on the cast. This is a girl playing the insecurites that most females feel everyday but doing it with a spirit that makes it easy to root for her to win, no matter how many spectacular fails she has in her life. She's the kind of daughter I would love to have.

I have some fear that after The Middle goes off the air that Eden Sher will be typecast as Sue Heck but I hope not. She has the chops to be a great comic and I personally hope she gets onto some show like Saturday Night Live where I am sure her comic abilities would shine.



Caffeinated Joe said...

She is an amazing actress playing a great character. Sue Heck is just awesome!

Kal said...

Watching the lengths she will go to fail is success to me.

Caffeinated Joe said...

That is the point, though. She isn't trying to fail. In Sue's eyes, she is going to succeed, each and every time. And when she does fail, she gets right back up and tries again. Such a great role model, she is.

Kal said...

I totally agree. All the teen girls in sitcoms all act like they are 25 and smarter than everyone in the room.

david_b said...

So what's wrong with Patricia Heaton..?? I've read interviews, I like some of her views I've read.

Love her in some of the movies I've seen her in (ok, romantic Lifetime movies, so sue me....), but I like her.

Thanks for sharing again, sir.

Kal said...

She's a nutcase right winger so you would fit right in around her kitchen table with Clint and John Voigt

david_b said...

LOL.. That's the BEST you have..? Really..?

Waiting for some quip like that. Yeah, kinda to really engage your views with only this to work with. I really expect way too much sometimes, forgive me sir.

I guess, using your comments, it certainly beats being a nutcase on the other side.