Friday, November 16, 2012

Nicole Jean Marie Cosplay





Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

"Cosplay is its own artform, and its own branch of fandom.

I love it when I see people, of any gender, in well-done or enthusiastic costumes of characters that I made up, whether from comics or from novels or from films or from TV. (It’s one reason I reblog them.)

I don’t believe that anybody in the costume is under any obligation to have read my books or comics, to have seen any of the films, or to like the TV show in question. I tend to assume that if you’re dressed as (say) Death you probably like Sandman, or if you’re dressed as Idris you like Doctor Who, or if you and your girlfriend are dressed as Crowley and Aziraphale you are very probably Good Omens fans, because that’s the way things normally are, but it’s not always true and I do not take it for granted. (Sometimes people like the costume and thought it would be fun, sometimes they were roped in by friends to make up a set of the Endless, or whatever.) I’ve definitely had to reassure a few people over the years that I loved their costume and did not mind that they hadn’t read the book or comic it was based on.

I really love how far Cosplay’s come over the last twenty five years. I think it takes skill, craft and guts to make costumes and to wear them in public.

So that’s what I think."

-Neil Gaiman

Kal said...

There has been a lot of fuss on the Tumblr lately about what Tom Harris, artist, has been saying about people who do Cosplay. If fact he was a really dismissive dickhead about it. Trust Brother Neil to come back with an opinion that ends the controversy forever. Cosplay IS an artform, one that Calvin enjoys every much. I agree with everything he said and you are a real mensch for sending this to me.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I must have missed this Tumblr fuss about cosplay since I've been distracted by all this stuff thats being posted about "Fake Geek Girls" that I don't quite understand. Something about how a "geek" is somehow default male and a "Geek Girl" has to prove herself.

Like I said it doesn't make sense to me but I'm seeing stuff about it a lot in my comics feeds.

All I know is that my first girlfriend and I met during a conversation about "Doctor Who" and "Firefly" so I know that it is indeed possible for a female human to have a strong footing in such a subculture.

david_b said...

Cosplay is AWESOME, and Nicole Jean is probably the BEST AROUND..!!

LOVE her as Thor.

Thank you sir for sharing.