Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Love Ya, Ya Bunch Of Inbred Hillbillies. You DONE FINALLY Got it Right. Quite Happy With You Right Now


MichaelVP said...

Don't mention it! :)

Captain Temerity said...

We, uh... We got it right four years ago too.

Daisy said...


Nick Ward said...

I swear you could hear the rest of the world utter a huge sigh of relief.

Drake said...

Well Hell Cousin Cal yur welcome!
Here have a swig of shine, Boy Howdy!

Caffeinated Joe said...


david_b said...

Well... Well.. Well...

Today's Headlines: "America Yet Again Throws Away Chance for Four Years of Prosperity"

Seriously, I know the President has made some verbal conciliatory inroads by saying "I've learned my lessons", but.. eh, really doubt it.

If you've ALL drunk the Koolaid bowl dry, done bunny-hopping around the room in your underwear and are sober now.., you can thank the black and minority vote, which most networks are clearly admitting.

With nearly a statistical 50-50 split, has the President really united this country..?

Maybe he'll be a stronger leader for the next 4 years..?

("Yeah, and you know where monkeys fly from..")

Still don't respect Socialists. Apparently 57 Million agree with me.

Well, ok, enough facts, now back to the Cave.

No more breakdowns, ok Cal..?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Thank goodness Obama's 50% of the vote was concentrated in states with lots of electoral college seats!

Kal said...

It is as the God's intended. It's amazing to look at the map and see where the support comes from mostly northern and educated. I never understand why so many of the white poor vote against their own best interests but hey...today is not the day for logic...it's for celebrating someone who at least will TRY to help the right people and that is all that any of us can do.

Mikeyboy said...

Trouble with that line of thought is...The President does not have my ( Meaning the white middle class and poor or close to poor as a group not me individually ) best interests in mind.
I'm with Trump on this one. Besides...he'll be impeached...but he'll go almost his whole term.
( Libya ) Oooo scandal and controversy. Obamination.
Don't get me wrong...I didn't want Mitzie either. But if he were a wasp...he'd be President.

Kelly Sedinger said...

Yes, the President needs to be the conciliatory one. Not the party that publicly stated that its number one goal was defeating him. Not the party that use the filibuster more relentlessly than any other in history to turn the Senate into a body that requires a supermajority to do anything. Yes! It's the President who is in the way of getting things done!

But then, what else can you expect of people who use the word 'socialist' to describe the man? Virtually nothing Obama has done even comes close to meeting any reasonably definition of the word, which the Right in this country uses just because it resurrects one of their favorite memes, the Red Menace.

Worst thing is that the Republicans somehow manage to get even MORE insane every single election cycle. I can't wait to see how crazy they get for the midterms.