Thursday, November 15, 2012

More Truth From The Jesuits

If there is one person I hate worse than Donald Trump it's Anne Coulter. Today someone finally summed up what I have always believed about this skeletal c**t. I have been waiting too long for someone to finally say to her what should be said to her face. Why do bad things happen to good people but not this ditch pig? Where is a piece of flying hurricane debris aimed at her skull when I need one?
The campus chapter of the College Republicans at Fordham University in New York last week invited Ann Coulter to their institute for a speaking engagement. Unfortunately for Coulter, when University President Joseph M. McShane, M.J. caught wind of her pending visit, he immediately addressed the University in a campus-wide email.

“To say that I am disappointed with the judgment and maturity of the College Republicans, however, would be a tremendous understatement. There are many people who can speak to the conservative point of view with integrity and conviction, but Ms. Coulter is not among them. Her rhetoric is often hateful and needlessly provocative—more heat than light—and her message is aimed squarely at the darker side of our nature.

As members of a Jesuit institution, we are called upon to deal with one another with civility and compassion, not to sling mud and impugn the motives of those with whom we disagree or to engage in racial or social stereotyping. In the wake of several bias incidents last spring, I told the University community that I hold out great contempt for anyone who would intentionally inflict pain on another human being because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, or creed.

’Disgust’ was the word I used to sum up my feelings about those incidents. Hate speech, name-calling, and incivility are completely at odds with the Jesuit ideals that have always guided and animated Fordham.”


david_b said...

DON'T let her get to you, sir. It's just her shtick.., that's all.

Sort of balances out the weird lefties out there.

Kal said...

We have no one as hateful as her on our side. She is so screachy and one note. Even you can't like her.

david_b said...

Again, don't be suckered by her outragious comments..

"How do you think she gets all the book deals and guest invites..?

It's not strictly the looks, sir.

Not a big fan, but is sure prettier to look at than Jim Carville or Barney Frank.

Ok, perhaps not as chaste perhaps as John Edwards either.

No, not a big fan either, just makes provocative points.

M. D. Jackson said...

At this point I think she actively seeks out invitations to speak at liberal universities, then uses the attendant hue and cry for her own purposes. If you really want her to go away then just let her speak. She will eventually screech so loudly to get the attention that she needs that even her supporters will see that she has screeched herself into irrelevancy.

I'm not a big Coulter fan (I think she may possibly be mad) but I am even less of a fan of suppressing free speech no matter how disquieting the contents of that speech may be.

Kal said...

I agree with you about free speech but there comes a time when the lunatic making the speech pays SOME penalty for their bullshit - I mean aside from my impotent rage. Is there a line she can cross when we all agree that she needs to go to Exile Island by herself and we even pack a bag for her.

david_b said...

Sounds like you're drinking what she's offering.


She certainly isn't the first, won't be the last. If I could stop every liberal socialist crackpot, I'd be so tempted.

I'm afraid there's WAY TOO MANY to choose from.., would be hard to get a decent sight-picture to aim.

But as a proud serviceman, I raised my hand to protect their right to voice. Censorship is not a correct (nor Cool) course of action, sir.

david_b said...

And, OH WE HAVE PLENTY of hateful folk on the left side, sir.

(They're too busy being smug and smiling at you to notice.)

We have a saying in the military..:

"Don't offer me a sh** sandwich and tell me it's delicious."

Kelly Sedinger said...

Refusing to give someone a megaphone is NOT 'suppressing free speech'. Coulter has no right to speak at this or any other university. All she has is the right to speak. If no one invites her, that doesn't mean her right to speech is being suppressed. I'm not being invited to speak, either. Is MY right to speech being suppressed?

And I'm sure you can find someone on the left who is just as crazy. What you won't find is someone on the left who is just as crazy AND who is just as big a household name and just as big a draw for speaking engagements.

Coulter is an awful human being, and those who line up to hear her are awful human beings.

david_b said...

Michael Moore comes to mind..

Kelly does make a point (sort of..), that someone does invite her to speak, a large group is PAYING HER TO SPEAK. This is her profession, she's a professional speaker and political commentator. Period.

As for suppressing free speech, you're mixing apples and oranges (AGAIN..). Folks need to GET OUT OF COZY WESTERN WAY OF THINKING..

Suppression is being shot dead for speaking against government. You can turn the TV off when she happens to come on some chat program. Folks (and families..) in 3rd world countries are jailed and punished for speaking beliefs not in line with government.

This is nothing, but I do agree with the University President. Her free speech is to accept a paying gig; his is to send out an email expressing his counterviews.

Nothing to see here. I will tell you the Jesuits have done little to stand in the way of actual aggression in this world. Talking a good talk is fine.