Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sometimes I Just Have To Rant - Get Out Of The Bubble Ya Hillbillies

I hate to admit that I have been loving watching the Republican reaction to President Obama's re-election. They all act so shocked. For months they were told the polls were with them and that Romney was going to take it in a landslide.
When you live inside a bubble and ONLY listen to FOX NEWS and the other Republican mouthpieces you deserve to feel angry after the re-election of President Obama - but not angry at the President. You have been lied to since 2008 by the people who REALLY do not have your best interests at heart. The Right will not change their message, regardless of their recent failings, so it's up to you to seek out other sources for information. I hope you just don't listen to people who only tell you what you want to hear. Sometimes the truth hurts and you need to hear in order to move on.

But apparently they are now telling listeners that the President doesn't have a mandate while the results say otherwise. Since it was single women (the sluts who only want their free birth control) and the 'urban dwellers' (code for blacks who only want a cheque) who voted overwhelmingly for the President, he can't possible be legitimate. No REAL Americans voted for Obama to hear the Right tell it.

Apparently some people were ready to leave the country THE DAY AFTER President Obama was re-elected. Maybe you need to be able to spell SECESSION first and then we will let you and the other Hillbillies go. If you leave, LEAVE, but you only get to take the shit you can carry with you. Just don't come North. We got no use for you. You also can't go South because there are too many brown people in Mexico for your liking. Looks like you are stuck in the backwoods with your ignorance.

It also sucks to hear business owners blaming the President for them not being able to give their employees health care. Funny how most of the businesses, if they had supported Obama and his interest in single payer health care, would have to pay NOTHING for employee health care.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sing it, sister!

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I think you mean "Have to Rant" not "Rent". Or is that a jab at the secessionists' poor spelling?

Kal said...

HA HA...I missed that. I guess I am more witty and brilliant that even I thought. There is subtext to my subtext.

david_b said...

Oh, now this hurts..

And yes sir, you surely are brilliant.

Kal said...

Blame Obama for asshole business owners who don't want to give their workers their due. Papa John's? Ketchup on cardboard.