Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tales From The Collection Of Cool - The Lone Ranger Outfits By Gabriel

The continuation of yesterday's post on Gabriel's Lone Ranger Line.



Mikeyboy said...

Wow these are cool...but if you only had one Figure you'd have to change his clothes in order to play out a scene each time. That's just inefficient. As far as collectability goes...these would definately be on my want list. I had the Lone Ranger,Tonto Butch and Silver...never knew these outfits even existed.

Kal said...

I always liked dressing up my action figures and mixing and matching the outfits. I always loved the Nazi boots on my GI Joe figures over the American boots they usually came with. I had a ton of different outfits and these would have fit my Big Jims and my Megos I suspect. There was no way I was getting The Lone Ranger without Tonto too so I would be starting out with two figures.

david_b said...

Lovin' the 'Kidnappers' Dandy suit.

Wow, didn't know the line was this extensive either.

Thanks much for sharing..!!

As for Joes, I still have about 18 painted heads from the '60s, even assortment of regular and foreign heads, in all the space and cool fire fightin' uniforms. Some Action Man outfits mixed in as well. Still have a half-dozen AT guys as well, still guarding the MSV and ATV vehicles.

Missing my Irwin Panther Jet.., sold that years ago, should have kept it, but was a tad big.

david_b said...

As for the Panther Jet, would have used it as a Mego FF pogo plane or dress it up as a Mego Batplane.

Just an awesome piece of manned aerodynamic firepower for the backyard battlefield.

Kal said...

How can I see pictures of all your stuff you right wing maniac (which I only say with love). I knew there was a reason I endure your political balloon juice. You are a mencsh.