Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I Am Not Very Religious

But I do celebrate Shrove Tuesday better known as Pancake Tuesday. It was the best because it was the day in our house when you could could be guaranteed a huge feed of pancakes and my mother made the best rubbery ones in the world. So many ways to have them with all the topping available. Or you could go old school with just maple syrup. It was the start of Lent which I do not observe because it involves deprivation of something you really, really like in your life. 40 days is a freakin' long time to go without my Diet Pepsi or a chocolate bar daily. Hershey is my favorite right now because I can't get my beloved Rocky Road bar here in the Tundra. I could try the chocolate bar thing but it's such a nice thing at night to snack on. Cold - just out of the freezer.

I need to also re-order my Bubble Gum Cigars.
They are the best treat from my past.

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