Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Legends Of Tomorrow (Episodes 3)

Atom enters a body a la Fantastic Voyage style to save Hawkgirl from pieces of fragments working their way to her heart. I was waiting for him to do that. He needs a little spaceship he can shrink and travel into bodies to do all kinds of repairs or damage.

Meanwhile Rip and White Canary try to rob the bank that holds Vandal Savage's fortune - so they could steal it all from him. Money is power, after all. Of course Savage has considered all this.

It's too bad that Captain Cold couldn't change his own personal history. That sucks when things happen the way they were meant to, no matter what you do. What is the freakin point of time travel in the first place then?

Doesn't Hawkman reincarnate himself each time he is killed? Even with a show so loosey goosey about following it's own rules, that seems to be a major character trait with Savage, Hawkgirl and Hawkman always coming back from their deaths.

No one still gets burned or frozen by the two maniacs with the guns. But White Canary sure beats up many a stuntman to save her weaker male counterparts.

Can we go to Nazi Germany so they can fight Vandal Savage in a giant Nazi Killer Robot? Or he could also ride a T-Rex if they really want to push the production budget.

And I want Atom to be trapped at Giant Size and them all having to both feed and hide him before he can revert back. Like the way they treated KONG on his travel to the New World.

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