Monday, February 15, 2016

Major Crimes Returns With Five Episode Story Arc

We can only hope this will all end with the death of Rusty because only that would satisfy me. I loves me some Major Crimes. I love the actors involve and how the stories are written. It's interesting to watch and I will enjoy following this nice arc. This is the future of dramatic television and I applaud one of my favorites for doing something fresh and experimental. Not that they need it. Just kill Rusty. That will give you at least two episodes worth of material before we happily move on.



david_b said...

Somewhat beside myself watching Rusty kissing his boyfriend several times..

Missing Brenda's show all the more.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Brenda had Kitty...Rusty is the price we pay for Prevenza and crew. No one hates Rusty more than I do, trust me. Not because he is gay but because he is RUSTY. That punk once acted with JENNIFER LAWRENCE!!! on some lame CW sit com.

david_b said...

Yessir, totally agreed on Rusty... :(