Saturday, February 6, 2016

'Member, You Remember?

I remember before they released Return of the Jedi that you could pay one price to watch both movies. This was after a few years of watching both films many, many times on video. I knew practically the entire script of both movies by heart. I just had a brain for retaining that kind of information along with Second City and Monty Python skits.
My friend and I, who also shared this memory gift, spent most of the movie doing the lines (perfectly) to each film. Back and forth we went. We thought we were being quiet then suddenly two cute girls, about our ages (16) spun around in their seats. We expected them to tell us to shut our mouths for ruing the movie for them. But instead one of the girls looked at me and said that her and her girlfriend had been talking about this and if we could keep this up for both films then they would let us take them out. They were totally fan girls for the movies and thought they had met their dream guys. (I was very cute back then).
This was the only time I thought that all those useless facts would actually pay off for the first time in my life. We completed are task and they lived up to their promise and we went to McDonalds and had a lot of fun. It was probably the coolest date I ever went on and maybe the only REAL date that ever ended with a kiss at her door.
Unfortunately we never saw them again and the numbers they gave us were disconnected when we called. Maybe they never existed or were leaving town so they thought they would slum with some local boys but then discovered how cool true Fan Boys could be. Either way this poster brings back some pretty cool memories.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

That's a GREAT date story!