Tuesday, February 16, 2016

More Thoughts On Deadpool

Calvin Heighton That's what's killing me about the movie. I would see a sequel when they make it and I hate Deadpool and all that he represents in my comic collecting life. It's a weird feeling. I liked the movie. I had fun. I hate that they redeemed such a hated character in my eyes. I want to see an X-Force movie now which fresh mutant heroes but not too many. Maybe just Cable, Domino and Wolfsbane along with Deadpool, Colossus and that young girl.

Calvin Heighton And people will dress like the character for Halloween and during conventions and act like an asshole because that's 'authentic' and behind the mask they will feel invincible. Until they get their asses kicked. Lots of Deadpool cosplayers going to emergency in the near future I predict.

I also agree that now we will get a slew of 'grim and gritty' movies from Hollywood with characters who are not afraid to shed a little blood and swear a little swear word. Comics evolved in that same crappy direction when all the creators, like offender Liefeld here, thought that was what people wanted in their heroes. They thought their heroes should wear spikes on their costumes and kill without remorse. For a time fans loved this and characters like the Punisher could support FOUR books. But soon that gag became tired. I do not need to see a Lobo movie or any other B-Lister with a gun and a bad attitude you can name. Deadpool is an anomaly and that is what makes it special. That is the ONLY lesson for Hollywood to learn from the success of this movie. Don't you dare kill this superhero movie golden goose we got working here like the comic book industry was nearly destroyed with the same kind of mentality.


jester59388 said...

Great point, Cal! Unfortunately, those who don't learn the lessons of history are bound to repeat it. Short-sighted greed will always win out.

BTW, although Liefield had a hand in creating Deadpool (the only hand, if you listen to the way he disses Fabian in his "janitor" comment), Liefield is not responsible for what makes Deadpool "special." Liefield created him to be just another mercenary villain. It's Joe Kelly who made him a wisecracking fourth-wall breaking anti-hero. And Joe gets NO credit in the movie. That would be like making a ROM movie using all Bill Mantlo's ideas and storylines and giving all the credit to Hasbro for "creating" him.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Yes, like Bob Kane and all the credit he stole for Batman from Robinson and Finger. Once again Liefeld takes credit for accomplishments and innovations to 'his' character that is not his due.

Rob R said...

I find it interesting that Bill Finger is sharing in the "Batman created by" credit for the Batman v Superman movie