Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Once Again You Screw Me, Target

I just read this article and it infuriated me. The toys that I am waiting so much to buy are going to be sold at TARGET of all places. In case you didn't know TARGET was a huge failure in Canada and all the stores shut down. In our town it failed because of low selection, higher prices and (for me) the most pathetic toy aisle since Walmart.

In the old days we had ZELLERS which carried ALL the major toy lines and replenished the shelves when certain toys ran low. Then at Christmas everything went on major discounts as Zellers became the go-to place for holiday toys. It was a glorious time. Then Target bought Zellers and everything turned to shit. Within two years Target had failed and so both stores were lost to the toy collector like me.

So with NO Target, that means my search for these DC SUPER HERO GIRLS will be harder than usual. I hope I can get them through my usual online routes without getting the screwgie from the shipping costs. These are a huge deal for those of us who like to collect female figures and have them in our collection. I am afraid I will have to be a completest on this one and have them ALL at both sizes - six and twelve inches. Each are designed beautifully as are their packaging which as you know is just as important to me as the figure themselves. It's rare for an entire line to be populated by all the girl figures if they are not fashion dolls or brats. Monster High of course are excluded from my scorn because they are just cool - they are MONSTERS for criminy sakes!


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