Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesdays From The Toy Box With Commentary

One of my all time favorite purchases. This Airship Vehicle from the Golden Compass. I had to have this before I got an armored bear and that says it all. I love cool toy vehicles. The more unique the better. I even have the Trimaran from Waterworld.
Great vinyl Batman at 12 inches.

Can't get enough Kitty Pryde.
I have the Kotobukiya figure of course.

If I could get only ONE of these high class statues from Sideshow, it would be this one of DOOM.

This toy has amazing play value. I spent hours playing this with two 7 year olds and nothing is cooler than smashing some poor kid's castle because they have no ability to property figure the angles to make the catapult work. We always added smaller action figures to determine a victor when all your army was dead. Wish I had my own kids. I would have all the set in the line. There are DRAGONS.

One of those lost toys that I wish I could have back. I captured that Rhino a hundred times but only to protect him from poachers. Nothing worse than a poacher. Great box art as well.

LOVED, my Scramble Van because I didn't know what it meant to 'scramble' but I didn't care as long as I could 'scramble' with Evel.

Icemen is more powerful and dangerous than anyone things and I love when he rages and just cuts loose with this powers. He can freeze the air around himself to make armor and weapons or to freeze the air in the lungs of other if he wanted to push his powers to a dark place.

 I always liked the Hobgoblin with his glider.
He too hangs from my roof, the one from the 90s.
A great premium Phantom on horseback that would need it's own case to display property. He comes in many colors but none better than the original purple.

Now I have an Imaginex Batgirl to hunt down.
That whole line is so well designed for those kids below six.

Can't have enough Man-Bat. I would buy him loose if I lived in the US and had access to him because he doesn't need any accessories. He is just bat, pants and wings. Mine still hangs from the roof of the Toy Museum of Cool. He is back from a time when I opened all the boxes except for a few. HAD to open this one. Back in the day.

This was made by Kotobukiya but not in their Bishoujo style so I would pass her by but its a good version of Rogue from the time when she first came to the X-men for help (in the comics).

Krypto is great loose figure.

My very first action figure. Came with a whole pile of accessories. And I loved the smell of the PVC plastic. I have a few of these great Marx figures in my collection from Knights to Cowboys to Vikings.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey, My Rare One still has a set of those end tables in your old photo! That lamp looks damn familiar too. She really needs to modernize.

j-swin said...

We have A LOT of the DC imaginext, great line. Very fun.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I like the look of many of their sets. They do such a good job with the iconic characters.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Oh and Debra, those lamps are coming back in style after 50 years. We thought we were stylin' back then.