Monday, February 22, 2016

Tuesdays From The Toybox

Two classic Batgirls done in the Mego style.

I am loving these Imaginext toys the more I see them.

Finally a 12 inch Black Widow for ten bucks.

Classic X-men costumes are iconic.
I can't get enough.

19 inch classic Batman is one figure I am on the hunt for to go with my same size Superman. Jaks Pacific if making these great supersized figures that look amazing on display in any collection. Many large Star Wars ones are already out there.

Yes, this is a 19 inch Wonder Woman in her new movie look. Fantastic but she does need a sword and shield to go with her. I need to get her and the new movie Batman.


These armored Batmen look amazing also.

DC Femme Fatale PVC statues look terrific and might be joining my Kotobukiya girls, especially that gorgeous Batgirl.
Custom Soviet Man of Steel. We need a Red Son movie.

How do they drive? They are little bears?

The design and coloring of these girls are fantastic.

I actually have a great collection of Falcon figures of which there are not many. I have to find this one as it's from the low cost Titan Hero Series.

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