Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bone Age Action System

These toys were made by Kenner in 1987-1988. This was an especially hard time for Kenner, and for the rest of the toy industry for that matter. Many of Kenner's major series including M.A.S.K. and Ghostbusters were nearing their end. Some of their new products, such as Sky Commanders, were not well received. With Bone Age Kenner really tried to do something different to help turn things around. They combined a building toy with an action figure line. The basic elements of the series were dinosaur bones which you could assemble into all sorts of creatures and vehicles. The toys are quite large. Unfortunately, the packages just do not convey the size and weight of these toys. I am sure that the series would have benefited from in store displays. In fact, the marketing of the series was almost nonexistent. Unlike most toy series from the 80s, Bone Age did not have a cartoon or comic. Due to this and many other circumstances the line did not fare very well. It was cancelled before a second series of dinosaurs were released.




These are amazing and I spent the day with my resources trying to learn more about them. Why the hell didn't these catch on big and be much loved and remembered to this day. I have never seen them pass by the Facebook groups based on toy collecting that I am a member of. Maybe some kid poked his own eye out on one of the many sharpened points on each dinosaur?

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Goddamn these are rad!