Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Seven Episode Into The Man In The High Castle

I still find a whole lot of repetition and scenes that go nowhere. What exactly am I watching? There are scenes of great cruelty by the Japanese secret police and pits with rotting bodies full of victims but what does all that have to do with a movie that shows an alternate version of history? One where the US and it's allies DID win the war and NOT the Axis Powers. Frankly, life under the rule of either is a shithole of an existence that tries to be 1984 at times. I fear this whole 'movie' nonsense is just a McGuffin to distract me from a slow story that doesn't make any interesting points about the human condition. Nothing fresh anyways.

However there really isn't enough material here to sustain ten episodes worth of story. I will watch to the end now because once I start a show I finish it unless it really sucks. It has to reach UNDER THE DOME level of suckage for me to bail. This hasn't got there yet but it's close. I know if I didn't have these episodes to binge on that I would have bailed a few episodes ago.

Half the episodes could have told the same story without all the endless ennui. Now I loves me my ENNUI like no man alive who is not born in France but damn, lets get on with the solving of the central mystery about these stupid films and the Man in the High Castle. He better be a pretty big deal or damn I will freak.

Remember how stupid Childhood's End of got? You have a guy come out after visiting Earth and he looks just like THE DEVIL. How you could fuck up THAT one amazes me, Arthur C. Clarke. I just hate good concepts that don't pay off and it's starting to look like, with three episodes to go that The Man In The High Castle is going to make my bum hurt like so many of it's predecessors have done to me. Oh  how I suffer for my TV.


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