Friday, July 22, 2016

Gonna Be A Huge Weekend For Geek News

Comic Con is almost too big after all these years. It's the big show. The grand daddy of all conventions that gets all the notice, all the buzz and for people who like movies and television it's as close as you will ever get to many of your heroes. Plus there is cosplay, sweet sweet cosplay which I hope never goes out of fashion. I would be terrified to be there among all those people but what a show it would be if I had a good guide to drag me along like his simpler older brother. I am happy that the entire world is online so I can see the convention through the eyes of people who I know will be there. Some of the best photographers and cosplayers and artists out there. It's fun to see all the new stuff that they come out with. Almost too much to keep up with but a treasure full of content for a reblogger like myself.



j-swin said...

Holy shit! This is gong to be a great time for a WW fan like me. So much cool swag coming out soon, I'll have to take out a second mortgage.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I hear you. So much good stuff out there already. STUPID convention exclusives.