Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th Of July To My American Brothers And Sisters - Memories Of The Past Mega Post

My unlimited love to my American brothers and sisters out there, especially the great fellow bloggers that I have met since starting posting. As a Canadian I have the luxury of being able to watch your nation struggle with its noble ideals against the worst of its excesses from across our shared border. Sometimes it seems that your nation is on the edge of the cliff waiting to jump or be pushed into the abyss. However, each day, you find a way to keep the hope alive while remaining true to your Constitution (THE greatest document on governance ever created by man), your Bill of Rights and the aspirations of your people. I don't think any other population in the world could do the job that your nation has taken upon itself to do. Its a no-win scenario but I wouldn't want it in any other hands. Since it took the genius of a Canadian and an American to create the greatest of the superheroes, Superman, I post this trailer from 'Superman Returns'. Marlon Brando's speech from the first Superman movie is among the most iconic and moving in movie history and I think it perfectly captures the spirit of your nation, its potential and its future. You might just save us all. Happy Fourth of July my friends.

"They can be a great people, Kal-El. They wish to be.
They only lack the light to show the way."

Happy Independence Day to all my American brothers and sisters. I will be eating hot dogs and dropping firecrackers down my pants just to honor you and for my own amusement. I choose this picture because it kinda sums up what my feelings for Miss Britney and America - beautiful, talented but a little messed up at times.

All these images make me proud to be an American - even though I am not one. Happy Birthday America. You are the idiot cousin who I can love and hate all at the same time. You make me laugh and you bring me to tears. Your myopic vision of the world makes me sad and I wish you celebrated more of your REAL successes instead of the ones you are spoon fed by your media. You are at all times a contradiction. I hope you find a way to give the least of those among you their shot at the American Dream. Those words used to be a philosophy that guided your decision makers. Now it's a joke for your late night comedians. I tell you all this because I love you. Now get your shit together and give your President the chance to change your world. Trust me, let go of some of the hate and you just might to see things a little clearer.

Oh and stay COOL!



DrGoat said...

Took the weekend off from the computer. Great post. Just wish there
were more critical thinkers down here. It seems to be about 50/50 good people and non-thinkers. I'm not optimistic. Non-thinkers seems to have the most to say, but have no facts to back them up. But Happy 4th to you. May the good lord take a liking to you and blow you up real soon.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

It's all I cam ask for from the Farm Film Report. It was interesting to go back in my archive and find these posts that basically stay the same.

Sam G said...

Thanks Cal. Best to you and yours.