Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I Am A Winner!

To me Vincenzo Reyes is the greatest customizer working today. I am so glad I found him on Facebook  He just doesn't repaint old figures, he actually makes and sews the cloths, makes the boots and other accessories and in the end a beautiful, gorgeous ONE OF A KIND custom made figure of some of the best characters out there is created. These are museum quality stuff folks.
I don't know how he does so much great work then just puts them up for bids on EBay. By now he could have a great rare custom museum with all the fantastic work he has done. His stuff does go for a nice price so bidders know quality work when they see it. In my opinion he should make twice what he must for his stuff. But don't tell him that because I have him slowly working on a custom figure for me whenever he has the time. If he gets too popular I will never be able to afford it.
Yesterday he offered to give away these figures in a contest. I entered to get ANY of his pieces, especially ones like there where he actually also created the boxes for figures that never existed on the shelves. Someone else originally won all four but then Vincenzo and his grandkids decided that four prizes meant four winners and that is how I got myself on this sweet swag train. I hate to see the band split up but now I have the DEMON coming to me. A great and rare prize for the Collection Of Cool. I have many McFarlane Kiss Figures but these blow them away. I can't believe one guy made these all. That is a true artist and craftsman.
(click to enlarge)
Now just for fun lets check out some of Vincenzo's other work. The man is a GOD at customizing these figures with CLOTH COSTUMES!! It's like the Age of Mego has returned.

These Batgirls are gorgeous.

Source material. Work in progress and work completed.
He even did custom versions of the PACK!!!

I even have Vincenzo doing a custom Cal figure based on these two pieces of art. One of course is the great header MD Jackson did for me and the other is this guy who would be me if I was a Pulp action hero with Steampunk influences.

I really hope he builds me the ice gun. It's my signature weapon.


j-swin said...

That's awesome, brother! It feels so good to win and even more when it's something you really appreciate. Send some of that luck my way!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I don't know how any luck found me? Very generous of Vincenzo to put it up in the first place.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Congrats! Savour the win!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I do. I have some kiss figures downstairs that a pretty cool. LIke the Ninja turtles you always have to buy all four so this time I am happy I only got to choose one and then wait for it to arrive. Vincezo is a good guy and an important artist in the genre of art that I really appreciate. It's like getting Dale Chihuly to make you a table lamp.