Wednesday, July 20, 2016

In This Post I Bitch About My Numbers. Feel Free To Pass This One By If You Are Sick Of Hearing My B.S.

Two days in a row of this bullshit.
In NO WAY are these numbers legit.

That's right cartoon Cal. If these were legitimate visits by anything other than some robot program out to do me and my beautiful blog harm, I would be overjoyed. It would mean I tapped into a new vein of like minded travellers. Maybe find someone close to where I live and who I could do things with like go to a movie once in awhile. Am I such a monster that I deserve to be denied what others take for granted? Like a real friend? But that is another conversation. But follow my logic here.
I got big big numbers today. Over 6600 visits. That is three times my best day. Any normal person would jump for joy but I had to use my genius to investigate this win fall a bit more closely.
4600 new views but NO new comments. Not one comment aside from my 5 regulars (never NOTHING from most of the 603 followers left as usual. What? Don't I ever do ANYTHING you like?) If those were real human visits someone would have said something about something I posted about. It's impossible that one of them wouldn't. But not ONE fresh comment in two days. Do the math. The chances are astronomical.
And also with 4600 more post than usual for a day, NOT ONE NEW FOLLOWER. That part of this part hurts the most because it's such a feeble attempt to fool me into thinking these were real numbers. 
You can't tell me but will never convince me that 4600 people would stop by my blog and not ONE would get lost in it's greatness. They wouldn't find something of interest on every page? They wouldn't want to follow this site and bookmark it for a return daily. THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. I am confidant in the blog I put out and I know it's a good product. I should have a job doing this for a living. So stop fooling me GOOGLE robot and let me get my honest and pitiful numbers back.

It would be nice if this was because of something I did right or wrong but there isn't even any of that kind of hate or love to make it worthwhile.
I truly hate my life.



Appears someone is using a "website copier" / "site scan" program

or it could be BIG Bother - LOL

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The universe is a cold, cruel and random place.

jester59388 said...

Perhaps someone linked to something on the blog (like that BRILLIANT "Trump and Hobbes" piece) and it's just people dropping by to read it and then go?

DrGoat said...

Debra's right. The only difference is here in Tucson, it's a hot, cruel, and random place. You just might as well start chanting...
Lo there do I see my father, Lo there do I see my mother and my sisters and my fill in the rest. And on top of that, it's over too soon.