Sunday, July 17, 2016

Remember When Breakfast Cereal Gave You Great Prizes?

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I loved the rings the best.

This one is very complicated and detailed while most cereal prizes were cheap plastic throw-away items. However we would look at the cereal each time we went to the store and often made our choice based on the prize contained within. Puffed wheat never came with prizes so puffed wheat was shit.

There was nothing cooler as a kid to get a cool prize like these Model Ts or the yellow buckboard. I would take it to school in my pencil case and put it together whenever I got bored in class which was often. Usually got it taken away from me soon after I got mesmerized playing with it. Good times.

Of course everyone had a submarine that rose and fell depending on how much backing soda you added to it.

These goofy characters would get carried around in pockets for weeks. We would make our own parachutes for them and spend hours tossing them into the air and watching them glide to the ground. If you were really slick you could toss one of the parachutes out a high classroom window and hope you could still find it when recess rolled around. Again, good time.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I never got cereal toys. My Mom only bought cereal that was low in sugar and cheaper -- puffed wheat, puffed rice, Shreddies, Muffets, Rice Krispies, etc. But once I DID get a Trix rabbit toy that operated on some kind of rubber band because I begged and pleaded for WEEKS for her to buy the insanely expensive Trix cereal.

DrGoat said...

I remember Puffed Rice. Had to add lots of sugar to it to make
it palpable. Like grapefruit. Couldn't eat it without a ton of sugar.
Do remember the submarines and baking soda thing. That Capt. Crunch
cannon ring looks pretty cool. I was 13 I think when Cap'n Crunch came out so just passed the age of being interested in cereal toys and
being interested in 'other' things.

Dr. Theda said...

"Freakies" ... we still have "Grumble" (the orange one) been a favorite possession for over forty years... Was the one of my possessions that allowed me to have in the Federal Loony Bin (over 30 years ago) .... it sat in my window there...
... Great post, good Sir Kal...