Friday, July 22, 2016

Was Not Expecting This Development

I don't know if I like this scene. This is a major departure from the original story and from Batman history. I lust over Batgirl but to imagine her having sex with Batman is a new one for me. I have no problem with Robin and Batgirl having sex but it's just a jerky thing for Batman to do to a young girl who clearly idolizes him. It's like a teacher having sex with a student and worse is that they show enough to make it clear that it's no mild flirtation. Then he is a jerk to her. Fuck you Batman. Now there is another thing I didn't think I would say today.

It's bad enough that I didn't want to watch THE KILLING JOKE because I didn't want to see my beloved Batgirl hurt as she is in the story. I know what a rough read it is. I don't want to watch her suffer and this revelation just adds another layer up her misery. Like Batman needed more reason to pursue the Joker than just shooting and paralyzing Barbara.

It seems gratuitous and unneeded in this world. Sex in comic books crosses the line into Hentai and if you like that it's fine. Personally I don't want any more sick images in my head than are already there from my normal internet travels.

I have THE KILLING JOKE. I could watch it right now but I really don't want to. I might not ever want to. That would be a first when it comes to DC Animated films which have been uniformly excellent up to this point.

I think the original story was pretty shocking the way it was written. It needs no 'improvement'.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Well, superheroes have needs too.

Rob R said...

we await the reveal that Batman has been working as an agent for the Injustice League & Legion of Doom all along... ;)