Sunday, July 10, 2016

What Is Pokemon GO?

I can imagine a dark and twisted future where people use this technology to do really evil things like luring people to their death. There is a movie in that. It's an interesting experiment in mass hysteria. I am happy that I don't have a cell phone so I can't get sucked into the group madness. And I would be the first to join this and other future 'adventures'. Or maybe I wouldn't. I am not much of a joiner anymore. The idea of roaming around with my cell phone up to find a cartoon character so that I can take a picture of it to show the imaginary bit of data that I 'captured' doesn't appeal to me. Some say this is a good social activity. I say it's just a lot of walking. Have I got this right? It's a digital scavenger hunt which I hope remains harmless. I give it a week until we hear a bad story about this phenomena. Remember you read it hear first.

And MY favorite Pokémon? It begins and ends with BULBASAUR!!



msmariah said...

Oh my gosh-- my two sisters, brother, and brother in law have been doing this all week. In some way I'm thankful b/c it's actually making them exercise.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I agree with that. It just kinda came out of nowhere. But someone WILL exercise themselves into traffic.

DrGoat said...

Just the latest thing to occupy the masses while the world burns.
There will be another when this one wears off.