Friday, July 1, 2016

Yeh I Watch 'The Night Shift'. What About It??

Any program that has to try so hard with everyone having a sexual partner (and showing that they do for the first ten minutes) is something I hate in any of these kind of shows. All the romance is just filler and not very good filler at that. One step above Greys Anatomy but way below ER which had heart.

The Night Shift is still trying to find it's heart. They do that by getting personal with the patients they encounter. Tonight they had two doctors out on the town where they find injuries at a Mexican Wrestling event. Nothing I haven't seen before and I usually love medical dramas but damn this is stupid television. Why do I watch? And worse still it was a DOUBLE episode. An hour and twenty three minutes full of this medical goofiness.

I do like the rude native American doctor but she is so unbelievably honest and rude that there is no way that she would have ever gotten through medical school with her attitude no matter how brilliant a doctor she was and she doesn't show that kind of gift in her actions.

Did I mention the Luchadors? How could they screw up ANYTHING with freakin' LUCHADORS!! The kid who played the patient was someone that I really hoped wouldn't die because whenever the camera is on a patient all the bad lights and buzzers start going off in their room. That never turns out good and I get attached. I guess I really don't like to see pretty people suffer.

Seriously, I loved the Luchador bit.

Then on the hottest night of the year, the air conditioner conks out. Someone is trying very hard to be noticed by his bosses with this script. Give hunky doctor an excuse to walk around with a muscle shirt (Canadian for wife beater) on. But don't worry. He still runs, runs like the wind to save the patient he himself is carrying WHILE running and looking hunky. STOP TRYING SO HARD. We GET IT. He's a dreamboat. I have never met a doctor that looks like him unless they come from South Africa like all my doctors. Those guys are ridiculously good looking also.

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