Thursday, July 7, 2016

Yes, Some Hillbilly Has Gone And Built Himself An Ark

I could go on for days how much this story bothered me as a kid. Get over the fact that Noah lived to be some 900 years old and the carnivores did not eat all the herbivores and you can believe this balloon juice. However, I was having NONE of it. Now some bible idiot had turned back the clock on human understanding and built this abomination to teach us how such b.s. was possible. AND he added dinosaurs just to keep the kids interested.

This monument to human ignorance is in Kentucky which places it in the right part of the world for a nice tornado to rip it all apart one stormy summer day.

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DrGoat said...

They have Dinosaurs in pens inside the ark, which proves that the
earth is only 6 thousands years old. Not to mention how many hungry kids all the money spent on that monstrosity would have fed. I have no doubt that it will be a big success. The mind boggles.