Monday, February 4, 2013

Did Anyone Try To Switch Doctors? How Did You Handle It

I can really use some advice. Tomorrow I have my first 'meet and greet' with my new GP. I assume that means he doesn't get to finger rape me until we have gotten to know each other better. At this point in my life I feel like I need a second opinion away from Dr Tomato Hater and his gang of Super Aryan Uber-Nurses. The whole clinic terrifies me and I don't think they have my best interests at heart.

I guess I could blame Dr M for that at the Bariatric Clinic. He treats me like a value human being and thus I respect his opinion and I want to do better for him. All my current GP does it make me want to eat tomatoes out of spite. That is no way to maintain a doctor/patient relationship for either of us.

I even got a new outfit like it's our first date. His partner also treated my father when he was alive so I have a good feeling about this whole thing.



Konsumterra said...

1st doc in 7 years wanted to do more than supply me pills other day - off for new treatment after 10 years - un-necicary treatments and fueds over money have left me hating docs

M. D. Jackson said...

In my town changing doctors is almost impossible. They all know each other and if you change too many times they label you as a "problem" patient and you get crappy health care.

Fortunately my ridiculously tall South African doctor is fine by me. I don't see him that often, anyway.

I just hope that someone tells him that the "handlebar" mustache is not a good look. It won't be me. He's terrifyingly huge.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hope your new doctor works out better for you.

Jaime Hood said...

I went to the doctor last weekend for back pain, which was the first time in something like 7 years that I've been to a doctor, so needless to say I am not the best person to ask for advice on these matters.

I do hope you find someone you are comfortable with and who treats you well, though. Everyone deserves that.