Thursday, February 7, 2013

Our Celebrities Are Among The Finest Donut Inventors In The World

Tim Hortons creates sitcom-inspired doughnut-in-a-donut dubbed 'The Priestley'

TORONTO - A sitcom gag about the ubiquitous presence of Tim Hortons has inspired the company to create an outlandish new pastry — a Timbit stuffed into a jam-filled doughnut.

A company spokeswoman says the one-time only experiment — a photo of which appeared on its Twitter feed Tuesday — was inspired by a recent episode of City's "How I Met Your Mother."

The Canadian-themed episode featured a cameo by homegrown star Jason Priestley, who boasted of a self-created confection he dubbed "The Priestley."

Tim Hortons spokeswoman Alexandra Cygal says a staff member who happens to be a fan of the show as well as a "certified culinary scientist" created the doughnut as a fun exercise.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Funny! I read a comment somewhere that this is the turducken of donuts, LOL!

Belle said...

Cute story. We have a Timmy's a few blocks away and of course all over the city. I do love their french vanilla and ice caps.